Global Nuclear Medicine Imaging Equipment Market Outlook and Upcoming Business Opportunities 2021-2030

The report, titled Global Market Analysis of Nuclear medicine imaging equipment the important market drivers based on current industry situations, market requirements, business strategies of market participants for nuclear medicine imaging devices and their growth synopsis. This report divides the market by key players, type, application and regions. Industrial use of...

How Can We Make Ionizing Radiation Safer?

The use of medical imaging is pervasive and central to examining various body systems to optimize treatment. Common medical imaging techniques include X-ray and computed tomography (CT), which expose patients to ionizing radiation.

Exelis and NIRF Imaging Inc. Form Strategic Partnership

Exelis (NYSE:XLS) and NIRF Imaging Inc., a commercial stage, private medical imaging company, have entered into a long-term exclusive agreement to deliver a noninvasive, nonradioactive, point of care, medical imaging capability, that addresses multiple unmet needs in the global medical imaging market.

APAC 4K Medical Imaging Industry to 2031

Asia Pacific 4K medical imaging market will grow by 14.8% annually with a total addressable market cap of $4,372.4 million over 2022-2031 owing to the increasing demand for superior visualization quality in the medical sector, availability of technologically developed products with high-definition medical imaging, rising prevalence of chronic diseases, massive R&D...

Artificial Intelligence Spots Anomalies in Medical Images

Scientists from Skoltech, Philips Research, and Goethe University Frankfurt have trained a neural network to detect anomalies in medical images to assist physicians in sifting through countless scans in search of pathologies. Reported in ​​IEEE Access, the new method is adapted to the nature of medical imaging and is more successful in spotting abnormalities than...

Medical Imaging Techniques: Types & Uses

This article will be taking a brief look at some common medical imaging techniques as well as a snapshot of some new and emerging technology. Medical imaging encompasses technology used by medical professionals to view the body’s interior. It can help define broken bones, detect cancer and other illnesses, along with giving doctors a clearer picture of how to treat a patient.

VR Technology Can Help Doctors To Explore The Body

EchoPixel is a company specialized in 3D technology. The engineers at EchoPixel have designed virtual reality technology to help doctors explore their patients’ bodies before performing surgery or deciding on a treatment plan.

NYC Health + Hospitals Invests $224 M To Upgrade Medical Imaging Technology System-Wide

NYC Health + Hospitals today announced that it is investing $224 million over ten-years to upgrade medical imaging technology system-wide from Harlem to Hollis. Across the NYC Health + Hospitals system, there are 470 imaging machines, and they are used to screen, diagnose, and treat numerous disease states.